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Clinical Specialties

Dr. Blacklidge is a podiatric surgeon with American Health Network who strives to provide excellence in comprehensive foot and ankle care.

A plan for achieving a good result via surgical/reconstructive, biomechanical, or medical means is carefully made focusing on the individual, not just the deformity or condition, while providing each individual with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about their care.

Ultrasound-guided Office Procedures

Ultrasound Guided Office Procedures

Most foot and ankle problems do not require surgery. For most painful conditions, combinations of therapy, bracing, and anti-inflammatories can lead to resolution of the problem.

On-Q Pain Relief System

Minimizing Pain Related to the Surgical Experience

Foot and ankle surgery, whether for a minor procedure or extensive reconstruction, does not have to be painful. Dr. Blacklidge attempts to minimize pain associated with surgery by a variety of methods.

Foot health for athletes

Sports Related Foot & Ankle Problems

Sports related injuries can be an acute event like a fracture or a tendon tear, or they can be the result of chronic overuse.

The foot and ankle biomechanics are complex and understanding how the demand of a particular sport and the function of an individual's foot interact is key to success.

Common Foot and Ankle Procedures

Common Foot & Ankle Procedures

Selection of the right procedure for a problem or deformity is key to a successful outcome.

With Dr. Blacklidge’s experience managing complex and revision foot and ankle surgery comes unique insight into the performance of more common procedures.

Foot and Ankle Trauma/Injuries

Foot & Ankle Trauma

When traumatic injuries involve the foot and ankle, an in-depth understanding of the anatomy and function of the region helps guide the repair.

With Dr. Blacklidge’s experience in reconstruction comes a unique insight into repair of an acute injury.

Peripheral Nerve for Foot & Ankle

Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Dr. Blacklidge completed a fellowship in peripheral nerve surgery in 2004 with Dr. A. Lee Dellon at John’s Hopkins Medical Center.

Dr. Dellon pioneered lower extremity nerve decompression procedures for people with compression neuropathies.

Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle Surgery

Reconstructive Rearfoot & Ankle Surgery

Surgical procedures for the forefoot (toes and metatarsals) are most commonly performed by many skilled foot and ankle surgeons, but reconstruction of the ankle-heel-arch area is much less common.

Revision Surgery

Revision Surgery

If you have had surgery on your foot/ankle/lower leg, and you continue to have problems or pain, Dr. Blacklidge can help.

Since starting practice in 1995, Dr. Blacklidge has had an interest in revision surgery with expertise in helping patients find solutions.

Total Ankle Replacement

End stage arthritis of the ankle joint can be a debilitating condition. In the past the only really good treatment option was with either bracing or a surgical fusion of the ankle joint as joint replacements were very unreliable. Over the past several years, there have been many advancements made in the area of ankle joint replacement.