With a patent-protected product and nationwide licensing agreements, Blacklidge Emulsions is sitting pretty. The company’s unique emulsion product has revolutionized the paving industry as transportation departments around the country spec Blacklidge’s Trackless Tack™.

“Kenworth’s T880 with the PACCAR MX-13 was the clear-cut winner in our evaluation of which tractor to order,” said Paul Johnson, director of logistics for Blacklidge Emulsions. “A key for us was fuel economy since we run so many miles (120,000 miles per tractor per year on average).

” To get real-world results, Johnson offered up a challenge to five truck dealers. “Let us rent one of your trucks and we’ll evaluate performance and fuel economy on a line-haul run from Gulfport to Tampa Bay and back (more than 1,100 miles round trip).”

“The T880 was the runaway winner and beat the second-place tractor by nearly 10 percent in fuel economy,” said Johnson. “It also beat all of our existing fleet tractors by that number or better. We calculated we could save $6,500 in fuel per year with the T880. That’s huge.”

According to Johnson, the T880’s 52-inch sleeper gives the company flexibility and saves weight. “We can deliver in a 500-600 mile radius of our terminals, which cover the southeast,” said Johnson. “This gives our dispatchers the opportunity to utilize every tractor in our fleet regardless of distance. Our drivers may spend a night or two per week in the sleeper, but for the most part, they’re home every night. We really didn’t need a full apartment-sized sleeper, just a room with a bed and the 52-inch sleeper Kenworth offered is the right size for our operation.”

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