Corporate Responsibility

At the intersection of social and environmental responsibility, you’ll find Blacklidge. Whether it’s supporting charitable groups, enabling the use of recycled products or engineering products that reduce risk and liability for our end users, we are committed to the following:


The use of recycled products such as reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), recycled ground-tire rubber (GTR) and recycled asphalt-shingles (RAS) improve environmental stewardship. Some of the benefits of using these products are:

  • Reduction in Cost: Contractors and DOT can reduce material cost by replacing a percentage of virgin asphalt and aggregate with less expensive recycle materials such as RAS.
  • Improved Pavement – The use of recycled materials can improve pavement performance and extend the life of the roads.
  • Meet State and Municipal Recycling Goals
  • Use Resources Efficiently – Recycled materials can replace a percentage of virgin asphalt and aggregate, thereby reducing the amount of raw materials needed to produce new pavement.


Investing in the community is a core value at Blacklidge. We all benefit from contributing to the development and sustainability of the communities where we operate.

At Blacklidge, we also engage and support colleagues to work with causes they care about. Our employees participate in annual charitable events such as the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and Gulf Coast Heart walks, raising thousands for the American Heart Association through our participation in the latter. We also have a large number of employees who are board members of charities. We’re proud of our ability to be of service to those around us and will continue to explore new ways for our team to serve our communities.


Blacklidge is dedicated to the health and well-being of all of our employees and their families. Recently, we were recognized by the Mississippi Business Journal as one of the healthiest places to work in the state.


Lane closures can be expensive and unsafe. With vehicles reaching speeds up to 70 miles an hour just a few feet away from workers, safety is first and foremost. Fast setting tack coats mean less time workers need to spend exposed on lanes. Most importantly, our products promote safety for our customers, drivers and the environment.


Promoting an inclusive work environment is important for the future of the road construction industry and our company. That’s why Blacklidge supports initiatives such as Women of Asphalt, a national coalition which supports women in all aspects of the asphalt industry.

As an employee of Blacklidge, Integrity is the word that comes to mind when I think about how I am treated, how our customers are treated and how we treat the environment. Each employee inspires the next to ensure we stay focused on this core value.

Heather Hendry
Laboratory Technician at BETA R&D