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Advanced Cold Mix Recycling Additive for RAP

ReCharge™ is a specially-engineered additive system that activates aged asphalt binder and restores its performance without adding heat. The resulting cold mix can be spread onto a surface and compacted similarly to traditional hot mix asphalt. Within a few hours, the pavement is capable of supporting light traffic.

The latest addition to our ReSet® portfolio of age-regenerating products, ReCharge provides a cost-effective alternative to unpaved (dirt/gravel) roads.

ReCharge transforms RAP into real value, enabling the construction of new roads and ongoing maintenance, including patch/pothole repairs—all using 100% RAP without adding heat.

  • Working with Blacklidge presented opportunities for improvements that had not been previously considered. By mixing milled asphalt with ReCharge, we were able to provide a pavement surface that met all of our needs. The end product has the appearance of a hot mix asphalt surface course and costs a fraction of what a standard overlay costs. We are very pleased with the final product.

    Charley Cotton, P.E.
    Walton County Public Works

  • ReCharge has drastically reduced our production time and simplified our recycled asphalt mix to two materials: asphalt milling and ReCharge. We can now have 1 ton of recycled asphalt loaded on the truck within 30 minutes. It used to take over an hour!

    Christopher W. Bryson, P.E.
    City of Ridgeland

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Key Benefits

  • Restores original performance of RAP binder with no heat
  • Cures quickly, allowing light traffic to return to the paved surface within a few hours after compaction
  • Use in new road construction and/or resurfacing
  • Ideal for cold-mix/pothole and patch repairs
  • Can be transported, spread and compacted without heat
  • Allows for job site mixing or off-site pre-mixing at pug mill or plant
  • Can be applied using a traditional motor grader or run through a paver. No special equipment required
  • Mix is stable enough to remain workable for several hours.
  • Near year-round application
  • Eliminates moisture damage that impacts unpaved roadways
  • Improves structural capacity of low-volume roads
  • Total cost of ownership may be lower than continuous maintenance of unpaved roads

At Blacklidge, we help you build durable, safe and smooth roads with cutting-edge, quality products that ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget.

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