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We are open. Learn how we are operating safely during the COVID-19 outbreak.

HiMod® Technology

The Perfect Formula for High Performance

HiMod® Technology is a breakthrough formula created by Blacklidge that produces super fine, thin-film bonding agents that hold together with superior strength. HiMod is naturally resistant to oxidation and creates a water-resistant membrane when in place. Additionally, with low levels of volatile compounds, HiMod produces environmentally-conscious products that are durable as well.

How HiMod® Makes Building Great Roads Easy

UltraTack® and UltraFuse® are fortified by our HiMod® Technology. These products are engineered to fit the specific needs of your projects, saving you time and money.

HiMod® Products

The Original Trackless Tack®
UltraTack® is a specially formulated asphalt emulsion that yields a fast setting, non-tracking tack coat. How fast? In less than 15 minutes under normal paving conditions, you are ready to pave with no tracking.
The Strongest Bond
UltraFuse® provides a thick bond coating that creates a significantly stronger, monolithic bond for the porous and thin asphalt mixes over existing concrete and asphalt surfaces. Blacklidge’s globally patented formula uses HiMod® Technology blended with specialized additives and polymers to greatly enhance bond strength.

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The Benefits of UltraFuse®