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High Performance Surface Regeneration

ReGenX® is an age-regenerating surface treatment that is sprayed onto existing asphalt pavements using conventional distributor trucks or other common applicator systems. The emulsion dries on the pavement surface, leaving a thin layer of asphalt-regenerating agents. These agents slowly penetrate the pavement, “healing” the aged and oxidized asphalt along the way.

ReGenX is not just a topical treatment that covers up damaged asphalt pavement. Instead, ReGenX penetrates the existing pavement to chemically restore aged asphalt binder. The result is a renewed surface layer with years of additional service life.

Routine treatment with ReGenX every 4-5 years greatly extends the life of pavements.

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Key Benefits

  • Improves durability of asphalt surfaces by mitigating effects of aging
  • Reverses adverse effects of asphalt oxidation in pavements
  • Penetrates asphalt to a depth of 3/8″
  • Extends the life of pavement surfaces
  • Can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including OGFCs, HMAs and SMAs
  • Applied using conventional distributor – no special equipment needed

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