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Utility Products

Utility Cationic Emulsions

For Surface Treatment & Tack Coats
CRS-1/2/2H Used in surface treatment and tack coating
CRS-2P/2L Used in surface treatments
CQS-1H/HP Material used with slurry seals or as a tack coat
CSS-1H Material used with slurry seals, as a tack coat, and other surface treatments

Utility Anionic Emulsions

For Tack Coats
SS-1 Tack coat
SS-1H Tack coat
SS-1 Buckets Tack coat in a bucket

Utility Cutback & Prime Coats

EPR-1 Prime Primer of base material (cationic emulsion)
AEP Prime Primer of base material (anionic emulsion)

Fog Seals

LD-7 A fast drying fog seal derived from NTSS-1HM