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Building Strong Roads That Last

At Blacklidge, we create premium products that greatly extend road life and ultimately save counties on repaving costs later. With proprietary trackless technology and innovation that allows for increased use of recycled asphalt products, you’ll save time and money while delivering smooth roads for your residents.

Our products are spec’d by D.O.T.’s throughout the Southeast and Texas—exceeding all D.O.T. requirements—and have been used in hundreds of road construction projects.

At Blacklidge, we create products that perform for the long road ahead. And our products deliver on that promise.

Key Benefits

Clean-up Cost
There’s NO tracking which means there’s NO clean-up cost AND the critical adhesive is staying where it belongs in your pavement structure.

Extend Road Life
HiMod® products build stronger pavement, which extends the life of your roads and stretches your budget.

Less Maintenance
Roads built with UltraTack® or UltraFuse® are less likely to crack or slip, reducing your ongoing maintenance costs.

Age Regeneration
ReSet®, our proprietary technology, restores the performance properties of asphalt binder by directly treating an aged road surface, or by repairing asphalt when using recycled materials such as RAP or RAS.

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