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The Original Trackless Tack®

UltraTack® is the Original Trackless Tack®. Utilizing Blacklidge’s proprietary HiMod® technology, UltraTack sets quickly and, in less than 15 minutes, creates a strong interlayer bond with unique non-tracking properties.

By delivering a stronger, longer-lasting bond between asphalt layers, UltraTack prevents delamination and significantly reduces slipping, shoving and cracking. Unlike other tack coats, UltraTack helps contractors achieve target mat densities with less compactive effort while saving time and money.

Gone are the days of tack coating that leave unsightly and potentially unsafe tracking on adjacent roadways, bridges and intersections. Meet UltraTack, The Original Trackless Tack.

Key Benefits

  • Non-tracking interlayer tack coating
  • Rapid setting — begin paving in 15-30 minutes
  • Can increase fatigue life by over 50% for a dense-graded HMA overlay
  • Reduces cleanup cost (no sanding; no power washing)
  • High bond strength reduces change for slippage failure
  • Apply using conventional distributor — no special equipment required
  • Eliminates adhesive removal from wheel paths
  • Age-resistant
  • Reduces compaction effort
  • Cleaner, better-looking projects

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