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Truly ReGenerating Your Reclaimed Asphalt

ReGen® restores characteristically flawed asphalt binder, such as RAP and RAS, to a highly durable and age-resistant state.

Engineered specifically for reclaimed asphalt technologies, ReGen provides transformative material reuse, superior pavement performance, cost savings, and environmental impact for contractors, agencies and taxpayers.

ReGen enhances the performance of recycled products within asphalt mixes, allowing you to use more RAP and RAS in your road construction projects with better outcomes.

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Key Benefits

Long-term Cost Savings
ReGen not only enables the use of higher RAP content with enhanced long-term performance but also improves your return on initial investment compared to untreated 20% RAP mixtures.*

Improved & Sustained Age-Resistance
ReGen upgrades reclaimed asphaltic materials by significantly reversing the adverse effects of aging and defending against future aging.

Improved Cracking Performance
High RAP/RAS ReGen mixtures considerably improve the low temperature fracture resistance and fatigue performance without compromising rutting resistance.

Superior Resistance against Moisture Damage
High RAP/RAS ReGen mixtures inherently possess superior stripping resistance without the need for expensive anti-stripping agents.

Better Constructability
High RAP/RAS ReGen mixtures can achieve desired percentage of air voids with less compactive effort, compared to untreated high RAP/RAS mixtures.

* Doesn’t consider cost savings associated with anti-strip replacement or higher “active” binder%. Ask your Blacklidge representative to explain these savings. All ReGen dosages expressed as percentage of the RAP/RAS binder replacement in the mix design.

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