We are open. Read our press release to explore how we are taking steps to operate safely amidst the coronavirus threat.

We are open. Learn how we are operating safely during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Guiding Principles + Values

Blacklidge’s Guiding Principles drive our effectiveness and solidify our reputation in the marketplace. As the foundation of our business, we believe these principles make us a stronger company, more trustworthy partner and one of the best places to work.


Be honorable and trustworthy. We say what we mean, and we do what we say. We are honest and follow through on commitments, even when it’s not convenient or when no one is watching. We never lie, cheat, or steal.

Trust, coach and inspire your teammates. We respectfully listen to each other and value different points of view, realizing that together we are stronger. We are polite, encourage each other, assume the best in everyone, and most importantly we love, serve and care.

Think, experiment, try and fail, and constantly learn.
We need to encourage everyone to seek creative, new ideas that will help solve problems for our customers and our business. We understand that true innovation comes from hard work and deep thought.

Strive to be the best; seek out greatness. We pursue excellence in our business, and our lives. We seek GREATNESS in our efforts and strive to deliver on our promise of Performance & Reliability in our products and services.


Families are always at the center of our lives.

We serve and care for those in need.

We are diligent and make sure everyone is always safe.

We seek greatness in everything we do.

We strive to be better and stronger every day.

We are always thinking about how we can serve our customers better.

Now more than ever before, we are focused on our employees – their safety, their opinions, their strengths – and that has been wonderful.

Director of Finance