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Products That Perform Each And Every Time

Finishing a job early keeps your crew safe and makes your project more profitable. That’s why you need asphalt products that help you construct roads more efficiently. Blacklidge’s products provide the performance and reliability you need to build a track record of successful projects and win more bids.

Our products are spec’d by D.O.T.’s throughout the Southeast and Texas—exceeding all D.O.T. requirements—and trusted by hundreds of paving contractors.

At Blacklidge, we make building GREAT roads EASY. And our products deliver on that promise.

Featured Products

With the Original Trackless Tack®, there is NO tracking and NO clean-up, which promotes cost savings and safety. Plus, you’ll be ready to pave in 15 minutes.

The strong bonding characteristics of UltraFuse will have you paving in less than one minute with NO tracking. Ever.

ReGen enhances the performance of recycled products within asphalt mixes, allowing paving contractors to use more RAP and RAS to drive down materials costs.

With ReGenX, contractors can offer an asphalt pavement treatment program to customers that helps extend the life of the road’s initial investment.

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Trackless Tack® saved me money, eliminating clean-up. That’s the main selling point for me. You don’t track, you don’t have a mess to clean up.

President, Warren Paving

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