A career at Blacklidge gives you the opportunity to join in the creation of products that create better, safer roads. At Blacklidge you’ll find dedicated people working diligently to deliver on our brand’s promise. If your passion fits one of our job profiles, let’s talk.

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Blacklidge’s purpose is to SERVE.

We serve our Customers by providing them products and services that give them value. We serve our Employees by providing them income, benefits, security, and fulfillment. We serve our Suppliers by providing them an honest relationship and paying them for the products and services that they have delivered to us. We serve our Lenders by repaying our obligations and providing them a fair return on their loans. And finally, we serve our Shareholders by providing them a return on their investments. Together, these are the stakeholders that we serve.

Through our service, Blacklidge is striving to become the leading provider of performance, road-paving product solutions, that make it possible to build GREAT roads, and to make building and maintaining those roads EASY for our customers. We will succeed when:

Customers view the Company as:

  • Innovative – The industry leader in performance asphalt products that provide solutions to road related problems
  • Dependable & Reliable – Always delivering consistent quality and that surpasses agency specifications and customer expectations. Always delivering on time and product is available when needed.
  • Durable – The company, and its products, are enduring and long-lasting
  • Ethical – Honest and transparent
  • Seamless – Customer friendly and easily accessible
  • Distinguished – Advanced, specialty products that our customers want and need, often before they know they need them
  • Customer-focused – Always seeking ways to save the customer time/money

Employees view the Company as:

  • Family-oriented
  • Christian-centered
  • Safety-focused
  • Excellence-inspired
  • Growth-minded, and
  • Customer-obsessed

Suppliers view the Company as a professional and ethical partner.

Lenders view the Company as a consistent, and low-risk, place for their money

Shareholders view the Company as a great return on their investment

Communities view the Company as a great neighbor, and our employees as leaders who care and make a difference.

The pursuit of this vision is never-ending; it is driven by our passion to continually improve. This vision is entrenched in our culture and part of our daily discussions. We challenge everything we do to make sure it abides by our principles and is steering us toward our vision. This pursuit requires us to shape our culture in a way that makes it natural for us to surprise and delight those that we serve. It also drives our search for new talent that share our values. Is this a culture that you want to be part of? If so, let us know, we’d love to talk to you.