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Ask The Experts

When cleaning out, how much solvent should I use?

First, do a 3–5 minute suck back to retrieve as much of the material from your pump and bars as possible. Then, still sucking back, take a 20oz Coke bottle full of solvent and have one end of the bar suck in a few ounces to release the residue left behind. On the other end of the bar, do the same thing. Place the remaining solvent in the pump. This is ALL you will need for the day.

I hear your UltraTack® is hard on the pumps.

It is not. We will show you how to perform a proper clean out and make sure everything is in working order the next day.

Can your UltraTack® be placed in our distributor that we’ve been using for CRS-2, and if not, what should we do?

NO, our UltraTack® is Anionic and CRS-2 is Cationic. Anionic is negatively charged and Cationic is positively charged. They do not mix and you will have major issues with your distributor if this is completed. To quickly solve this concern, add approx. 50 gallons of diesel into the distributor tank and ride it around the yard for approx. 20-30 minutes. You can also add water after this (which we recommend), heat it up, and then run through your bars to clean the bars. Once this is complete, your distributor is neutralized and ready for UltraTack®.

How long will your UltraTack® last in a drop tanker?

Typically we say for best results, 30 days. However, I have seen it last much longer if you can put agitation to it and heat. For heating, draw a load into your distributor and heat it up slowly and once it reaches the proper temperature (175°F), push the material back into the tank. This will heat up the material a little and give it agitation at the same time.

I want to put in a storage tank for your UltraTack®. What do I need and how much?

A 10,000 gallon storage tank will work, but 15,000 is better. It should be a vertical tank with heat and some sort of agitation.