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The Strongest Bond

UltraFuse® is a monolithic bond coat used to adhere thin asphalt mixes that are intended to be placed over asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Formulated with Blacklidge’s proprietary HiMod® Technology, UltraFuse results in a specially engineered, asphalt-based bond coat. A unique blend of additives and polymers greatly enhances bond strength, thus extending pavement performance. UltraFuse’s strong bonding characteristics — combined with its rapid-curing, water-resistant and non-tracking capabilities — creates the industry’s strongest bond for the most demanding paving applications, including OGFCs/PFCs, SMAs and thin HMA applications.

UltraFuse: the strongest monolithic bond for porous asphalt mix. Period.

UltraFuse: Ready to roll in under 30 seconds!

Key Benefits

  • Thick application rate bonds tightly to all underlying surfaces
  • Apply with conventional heated distributor — no specialized equipment required
  • Ready for paving in less than one minute
  • Reduces lateral expansion of asphalt under compaction
  • Can be used as a joint sealer
  • No bleeding
  • The strongest bond on the market, creating monolithic paving surfaces
  • Can increase fatigue life by over 50% for an OGFC
  • Provides superior adhesion of thin asphalt overlays to the underlying surface
  • Water-resistant

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