Last year, we were honored to play a part in paving the driveway of the most famous house in our nation. Blacklidge was chosen by the contractor to get the job done professionally, quickly and securely. They trusted us to provide a proven superior bonding, American-made asphalt solution, and we delivered with our UltraFuse® product and industry-leading service. UltraFuse provides the strongest monolithic bond for asphalt surfaces, substantially extending the life of the pavement with extremely fast non-tracking capabilities. How fast does it cure and become trackless? Applied at a temperature above 325 degrees Fahrenheit, UltraFuse cures in under 30 seconds and is dry and cool to the touch with a smooth texture and glossy jet black finish. When the White House demanded a high-performance, long-lasting solution that would not track, we were proud to answer the call. Being asked to serve our country in this unique way is truly historic for our company. Check out images from the project below.

UltraFuseBlacklidge at WH

UltraFuse at WH

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