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Liquid Anti-strip

ReBind™ is Blacklidge’s latest line of adhesion promoters, designed to
significantly improve the chemical bond between asphalt and aggregate and enhance the performance of rejuvenators, including ReGen®.

The unique chemistry of ReBind is compatible with most asphalt modifiers and aggregate types. This innovative formulation platform also allows for ReBind to resist the harmful effects of moisture and improves the workability of mixes.

ReBind improves the effectiveness of rejuvenators for the increased use of RAP and RAS, reducing cost and waste and ensuring a durable, long-lasting pavement.

ReBind enhances the performance of rejuvenators in mixes with reclaimed binder.

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Upping the Ante: Making Asphalt Pavements Age-Resistant

Key Benefits

  • Unique formulation compatible with most asphalt modifiers and aggregate types
  • Better chemical bond between asphalt and aggregate
  • Improved mixture strength, durability and workability
  • Mitigates moisture-related issues
  • Exceeds industry standards

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