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Extend the Life of Your Road

UltraArmor is a high-performance, fast setting, and non-tracking fog seal emulsion technology developed primarily to assist and improve pavement maintenance programs.

UltraArmor adds a protective asphalt layer to existing pavement surfaces to seal minor cracks/surface voids while improving the appearance and extending the service life of the road.

Designed to preserve chip seal surfaces, typical hot mix asphalt (HMA) surfaces, open-graded friction courses (OGFCs), and engineered to deliver improved abrasion resistance and longer service life than a typical fog seal, UltraArmor enhances pavement preservation and maintenance programs’ efficiency and effectiveness.

Key Benefits

  • Apply using conventional distributors
  • Quick set time (20–30 minutes depending on climate conditions)
  • Trackless within minutes of application
  • Gives a new blacktop look to older roadways
  • Water-resistant after set
  • Protects from moisture intrusion and oxidation damage
  • Seals pre-existing minor cracks

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