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Here at Blacklidge, we believe building better roads starts with a focus on innovation. Hear how we’re doing things differently to create smoother, safer and longer-lasting roads.

Did you know that asphalt is the world’s most recycled material? Learn more about the impact asphalt innovation has on extending pavement life in this short video.

Forum at World of Asphalt 2019 On this episode of #WhereWeBelong, the Women of Asphalt are at the 2019 World of Asphalt Conference in Indianapolis. Dr. Rita Leahy, the “Original Woman of Asphalt,” moderates a panel of six women who share their diverse experiences in the male-dominated asphalt industry.

The Original Woman of Asphalt During the 2018 APA California Conference Amy Miller and Natasha Ozybko sat down with Dr. Rita Leahy, the acclaimed “Original Woman of Asphalt,” and the first guest in a series of interviews highlighting women in the industry.

Who We Are #WomenOfAsphalt In the first Where We Belong podcast episode, founding members Amy Miller and Natasha Ozybko discuss Women of Asphalt and how more women can join the movement. Listen now!

I’ve said it before. To me, the perfect road is one that is designed with binder that is resistant to the elements of aging. However, current industry standards do not require binder performance to last past the two-year mark. This oversight is one reason why we’re continuing to see premature pavement failures. Watch our video to learn how a lack of age-resistant binder is wreaking havoc on our roads.