An exciting transformation is underway here at Blacklidge. We are updating our facilities to better reflect our values with the Blacklidge Advancement Center (BAC) and Blacklidge Innovation Center (BIC).

Formerly known as BETA (Blacklidge Emulsions Technical Advancement) Lab, the newly expanded BAC was renamed after input from our team. We decided we wanted a name that more accurately communicates our dedication to innovation, learning and collaboration through everything we do. Thus, the BAC name was imagined, and we remain inspired by its evolution. The impressive new space is double its original size and now features advanced technology such as a dynamic shear rheometer — allowing for more product testing and improvement.


Since innovation is not only born in the lab, we are constructing BIC to inspire all employees to create, cultivate and inspire outcomes never considered before. Soon, team members can meet in a physical space where they can bring their best ideas to the table. BIC will include a small R&D lab to facilitate quick experimentation and real-time improvisation. Energized by the innovation this space will foster, our President & CEO plans to have an office at BIC.

While we live our values every day, BIC and BAC will serve as the physical embodiment of our values of learning urgently, agility everywhere and innovation throughout our company. We look forward to the ideas that spark within the walls of these imaginative spaces.

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