UltraTack® successfully outperforms other emulsion bond coats at a lesser rate in the spray paver, maintaining its title as best tack coat in the world.

Great news for our asphalt paving customers! Blacklidge recently conducted a demonstration project for the Texas Department of Transportation and Lone Star Paving on a job site that specified the use of a spray paver.

We asked permission to use our tack coat product, Ultra Tack, The Original Trackless Tack®, in the spray paver to compare with the standard spray paver polymer modified emulsion.

The results were impressive. The data shows that UltraTack, The Original Trackless Tack, utilized throughout a spray paver, will deliver higher bond strengths, leading to a longer-lasting pavement.

Cores were taken and tested for bond strength per Tex-249-F. The average bond strength for the control standard polymer modified asphalt emulsion core set was 60.8 psi with test results ranging from 39.2 to 80.1 psi. However, UltraTack’s core set resulted in an average bond strength of 75.3 psi with values ranging from 63.3 to 80.5 psi.

This is very good news, as, after official approval, it will save the DOT and asphalt paving contractors time and money and ultimately produce a better finished product. With DOT approval for use in spray paver operations, UltraTack has the potential to be one of the most versatile tack coats on the market, since it can also be applied with conventional distributors as a trackless tack coat and/or a prime coat.

UltraTack is, and continues to be, the strongest bonding tack coat on the market. This is one more step forward for Blacklidge and its UltraTack product to continue to show we are always the better road.

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