When Hopkins Engineering and Quality Inn chose to use GuardTop for seal coating a hotel property in Biloxi, MS, BEI suggested that they use the GuardTop Preferred Applicator Phenix Paving and Grading of Phenix City, AL. All parties elected to wait until the busy Labor Day weekend was over. Two days later, Phenix came in and provided a two coat application of GuardTop by squeegee spray application.

Prior to any sealer being applied, the contractor power broomed the whole lot and began their work on the back half of the hotel parking lot with two coats of GuardTop followed up with re-striping of all parking bays, curbs and handicap areas. Phenix returned the following day to complete the front section of the hotel property and performed the same services. By four o’clock that afternoon, Quality Inn had received their completed lot back and was ready to open back up for public traffic with a fresh new aesthetically pleasing seal coated lot that will provide many years of protection to their asphalt parking lot investment. The owners of the Quality Inn property were excited to have their new lot back so quickly and looked forward to the upcoming events that will be taking place there. Blacklidge Emulsions, Inc. will be providing GuardTop seal coat to several other of their hotel property chains in Gulfport and Biloxi, MS.

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