The repercussions of COVID-19 have caused a shock to our economy. Businesses continue to be impacted due to the uncertainty of the spread of the pandemic; however, the road construction industry remains largely unaffected. Deemed an ‘essential businesses’, paving contractors will continue to press on — so long as infrastructure funding continues to flow in. While funding and priorities vary widely from state to state (with individual cities and municipalities having their own unique needs), I’ve observed one commonality during times of economic uncertainty: Maintenance efforts will be prioritized as funding shifts. If history repeats itself and we do experience a disruption in funding, placing an emphasis on maintenance projects presents new opportunities for road construction contractors.

Here at Blacklidge, we’ve developed several products that deliver an outstanding ROI for maintaining existing asphalt surfaces. One example is ReGenX®, an age-regenerating surface treatment that is sprayed onto existing asphalt pavements. ReGenX requires limited surface preparation, doesn’t require restriping and can be applied using conventional equipment. Routine treatments reverse the effects of asphalt oxidation and extend the life of the pavement.


Another product that is a great option for low-budget maintenance applications is ReCharge™.  ReCharge is an advanced, cold-mix recycling additive for RAP that activates aged asphalt binder and restores its performance without adding heat. ReCharge allows contractors to easily spread treated RAP onto an existing roadway (such as a gravel road or low volume pavement with a bituminous surface). Within a few hours, the road can support light traffic. 

From a life-cycle cost perspective, these solutions can be incorporated into a proactive plan that construction companies can deploy in the event the COVID-19 crisis causes agencies to deviate from their original new construction plans. An active construction industry carries the economy along with it, so having alternative means of generating revenue is vital for businesses that contribute to the effort. Our country will need it on the road to recovery. 

How is your road construction business coping during COVID-19? Reply with your comment below. 

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