Imagine your funeral. What would your loved ones say? How would they remember you?

While analyzing your own life after death may seem morbid, it’s actually quite the opposite. Thinking about how you want to be remembered now can help you define how you should best spend the rest of your life.

I had the opportunity to hear my own eulogy during an intense weekend retreat with The Crucible Project. What I unearthed was more than words, it’s my life’s mission.

A speaker shared a study with us that examined more than 2,000 obituaries. The words most commonly used were: Lead, Pioneer, Help and Time. What we discovered was that lives aren’t defined by who you are—doctor, lawyer, father, daughter—but where and how you spend your time.

After dissecting the language and meaning of these powerful words, our speaker discussed time and what it means to be available. “What God wants is our availability,” he said. We all struggle with time. There is never enough of it. However, if we seek and allow ourselves the time, we can discover God’s plan for us. God’s plan that he placed deep inside of us when he created us. (Psalm 139:13) It is there you can find your mission.

In my new role as Executive Chairman at Blacklidge, I am fortunate to have the time and the space to realize my life’s mission and apply it to the company (not the other way around). After a weekend of reflection, these were the words that found me and now inspire me (especially during my darkest moments and toughest times).

Improve the world by inspiring transformational heart change through an authentic relationship with Jesus.

As I carefully construct the framework needed to realize my mission, I also encourage my team at Blacklidge to find the time to seek and determine their own life missions. Together, this transformational work will ensure that our company is a heart-centered organization whose purpose is to serve and care for our clients, employees and families. What’s more, this unique alignment will empower us to accomplish the impossible or, better yet, the possible.

The journey continues…

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  1. Creating change in the mind is learning which comes from theory. Creating change in the heart is feeling, which comes from experience. Creating change in the heart take courage as we must see past our horizons and try something we have never done. Your mission is outstanding and a very powerful. Without giving it deep thought as a mission statement should my first crack at a personal mission would be;

    Influencing others to attain a level of meaning in the world through achievement that they could not have accomplished by their own will.

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