As we settle back into work mode after the holiday season, we’re motivated by a sense of urgency that the new year brings. Ideas that were put on the backburner are now suddenly hot and ready to be put into motion. Here at Blacklidge, I’m pleased to announce our newest technology and product line, ReSet®.

Echoing the sentiments of my colleague, Grover Allen, P.E., Ph.D., we must up the ante in order to increase the age resistance of asphalt pavements; the ReSet product platform does just that. ReSet is an “age-regenerating” technology platform designed for treating oxidized and damaged asphalt pavements. To simplify, ReSet has the ability to make old asphalt new again.

ReSet products — including ReGen®and ReGenX® — are game changers for state D.O.T.’s and paving contractors. ReSet technologies provide an ease of application towards restoring performance properties of asphalt binders, thus leading to longer-lasting pavements.

ReGen enhances the performance of recycled products used in asphalt mixes, allowing users to incorporate more RAP and RAS in road construction projects with better outcomes. Considering the desire of multiple states to use increasing percentages of binder substitution in asphalt mixes, the adoption of ReGen would significantly improve the longevity of roads across the country.

Rather than being applied directly into an asphalt mix, ReGenX is sprayed onto the surface of an aged pavement. ReGenX’s healing agents penetrate the existing pavement to chemically restore the aged asphalt binder. The results—the look of a newly paved surface layer with years of additional service life.

In an industry that doesn’t typically value the life-cycle costs of road construction projects, a focus on regenerative additives—like those in the ReSet portfolio—would provide a significant economic and performance benefit to the market. This new year, let’s make a resolution to ReSet the asphalt industry by paving the way for fresh thinking and new innovations.

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