Sara Haro was a contestant on the Netflix original series Hyperdrive (now streaming), where drivers have to dominate extreme obstacle courses with intimidating names like the Leveler and Monster. When she’s not putting pedal to the metal on the race track, she’s on the road delivering Blacklidge products in one of our big rigs! We had the opportunity to catch up with Sara about her experience on the show, her car and where she’ll be racing next.

Sara Haro
Image courtesy of Netflix/Hyperdrive.

How did you become a contestant on Hyperdrive?

The Hyperdrive team searched #driftchick and found my Instagram account. They saw I was a truck driver, thought that was different and reached out saying, “Hey, you should apply to be on our Netflix show.” I went through the application process and two weeks before the show started they told me I was on.

I equipped my Mustang with a racing cage, special racing seats and a fire extinguisher, then shipped my car up to New York where we filmed. We were there for about three and a half weeks, filming every night except for the occasional day. While watching the show you can see the obstacles during the daytime, but it’s nothing like the nights when we actually competed — very different than anything I‘ve ever experienced and by far the best experience of my life. I learned so much.

What surprised you the most about your experience?

I was super surprised of what I was capable of, and surprised at my car, too. I felt like I handled it very well. I know for a fact that my trucking experience helped me with my vehicle — like how to handle turns. Obviously with a tanker you can’t go too fast, but you still want to have enough speed to get around the curve. It’s a delicate balance and one that I work to achieve daily.

Hyperdrive was a once in a lifetime opportunity for everyone and we became like a little family: the show runners and producers, the people that made the track and individuals who handled the camera and sound were just an awesome group of people. You’d think there might be drama between competitors, but not at all. If someone’s car broke, everyone would jump in and help out. At the same time, we’re all going through this insane obstacle course that no one in history has ever attempted or completed and that was probably the best part about it.

Sara Haro on Hyperdrive
Image courtesy of Netflix/Hyperdrive.

Did you learn anything about yourself during Hyperdrive?

I’ve learned that I’m capable of more than I think. I’m always very hard on myself thinking I should do everything better. When I was left with a group of people that were really, really good, I had to remind myself constantly that they’re professionals. For example, the Brazilian competitors were ranked as Brazil’s best drifters. Corinna is one of the top pro drifters in Germany, as compared to me, which I’ve never tried to drift before in my daily Mustang. So I had to remind myself: “Okay, you’re actually doing really good for what your experience is with your car.”

Sara Haro on Hyperdrive
Image courtesy of Netflix/Hyperdrive.

Tell us about your car, the Black Pearl.

The Black Pearl is a 2014 Mustang V6, a 3.7 liter with a six speed transmission. It was actually a graduation gift given to me  while in Sweden from my dad. I grew up in Sweden with my mom, so I didn’t get to see my dad a lot. When I would visit Florida in the summers we’d always go to Clearwater, where there was a pirate ship in the bay. Disney World has a pirate cove area with Pirates of the Caribbean. We’d always watch that movie together. It’s also a Tampa Bay thing — and the car was all black. So I was like, “It’s the Black Pearl!”

Sara Haro and The Black Pearl
Image courtesy of Sara Haro.

What’s in store for you next?

I’m traveling to make connections in competitive drifting. I’m going to Formula Drift Texas to market myself. Then I’ll be spending a week with Enjuku Racingin Orlando. After that I’m going to Formula Drift California and then I’m attending SEMA in Las Vegas this November. I’m trying to get as much seat time as possible and set up my car properly and I really want to keep branding my car. I’m also going to try to make time for some stunt driving and acting classes so I can hopefully land a role in a commercial or movie one day. That’s the goal at least, but we’ll see how it goes.

We’re proud to support Sara and her drifting career. Go Sara!

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  1. Sara Haro is a STAR in the making! I only know if her as a fan of watching Hyperdrive but she is definitely going to have more opportunities going forward. She appears to be hard working, down to earth, humble, with so much potential in precision driving plus she is Drop Dead GORGEOUS!! I am such an instant fan of hers and I’m positive there are thousands of others out there like me, both men and women alike. Little advice, keep supporting and sponsoring her…while you still can, haha! -Very Respectfully, Beau Jacque Robertson

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