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Dominique Kelsie
Position: Quality Assurance, Tampa, FL plant
Years at Blacklidge: 2

Describe a typical day at the office/plant.

My job is to ensure the quality of our products. This is done through sampling and tests daily throughout the production process. While the operators are in the production process, we perform three tests—viscosity, sieve and residue. These tests determine the level of asphalt in the product. If the product passes all three tests it’s certified, assigned a number and ready to sell. While the product is in the tank awaiting shipment, we retest it every seven days. My job is like being in science class every day. I am continually learning and training.

What do you love the most about the work you do?

I love the whole process of watching the product cooking (cook off). Watching the water come out and only leaving the asphalt. Watching the ingredients come together is fascinating. I also love the great work environment at Blacklidge—we’re like a family. If I need help, my team is here for me. If I have a question, they listen and together we find a solution. And when I have the answer and an opinion, they listen then too.

What made you decide to go into the road construction industry?

I never dreamed I’d be doing this, working in a plant. I started as a temp and then I was offered the job in the plant. I thought, yeah I can do that. I knew data entry, so that part was easy. Now, I understand the customer, and how our product is made.

Where do you see yourself in five to ten years?

I would like to stay in quality and continue to fulfill Blacklidge’s vision of quality and performance. I’d also like to help other women come into the industry. I’d love to train new talent and have the opportunity to travel more.

What’s your advice for women who may be interested in working in this field?

You need to be committed, always looking for ways to obtain more knowledge and a better understanding of how things work. If you want to make a difference and make things better, Blacklidge may be the place for you.

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