“Working in this industry leads to a very promising career.”

DSC_0235Michelle Dronet
Position: QC/QA Administrator—Gulfport, MS
Years at Blacklidge: 4 years

Describe a typical day at the office(plant).

I handle all of the D.O.T. compliance and QC plans for the plants. So it’s gaining approval to supply material into new states. Customers will request FAA approval, so I send documentation and explain why the product is good for the project. It’s answering questions from our QC personnel at the plant level. Issuing test results. Always updating or comprising QC plan. There’s a lot of research involved.

Over the summer, I went on a night job with the field support team and watched them apply the product so I could really understand the process, to see how our product is actually performing in the field. It was great to see the product’s life from start to finish. So when I am working from BETA lab, I really understand the reasons why we are testing because I know how it works in the field.

What do you love most about the work you do?

Interacting with so many different people—from our internal team and clients to personnel in the field. In our business and lives, honesty is key. Being part of a company with integrity is very important to me.

What made you decide to go into road construction?

It really happened by chance. I was an executive assistant and then moved into Beta lab. It was a blessing in disguise because I love my job!

Where do you see yourself in five years, ten years?

Blacklidge offers a lot of room for advancement. I am looking forward to the next step in my career within QA/QC. With powerful principals at the root of our business, we will continue to succeed and grow.

What’s your advice for women who may be interested in working in this field?

Working in this industry leads to a very promising career. Roads will be around forever making it a very stable market.

Don’t be intimidated. It’s ok if you don’t know the answer. If you take pride and ownership in your career, you’ll succeed in this field. There’s opportunity for growth in this field and there’s also flexibility and, at least at Blacklidge, a focus on family.

As a single mom with two kids—a 16-year- old son and 9-year- old girl— we stay busy. I coach my daughter’s cheerleading troupe and I have never missed one of my son’s football games. I love to hunt, fish, camp and am very active in my church. My job allows me to live a full life.


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