Over the years, I’ve watched the number of women in the field of road construction steadily increase. From researchers in the lab and engineers in the field to quality control in the plant, women play a vital role in our business. At Blacklidge, we are honored to employ some amazingly talented women while also having the distinct honor of working with many as clients and trusted advisors.

When I began thinking about a new series for our On The Road blog, I found myself looking to all of the inspiring women that surround me daily, including my two daughters and wife at home. What really struck me was how much respect I have for the work these women do, the full lives that they lead and their ability to do it all really well.

So, after a couple of phone calls and some great conversations, these remarkable women granted us the opportunity to share their stories here with you. I know you’ll be inspired by the stories of these extraordinary women working in the world of road construction and asphalt. We’ll be featuring the stories of several women over the coming weeks, so stay tuned to On The Road for more.

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