Recently, while reading through the July/August 2017 issue of Asphalt Pavement Magazine, I ran across an informative article by Shane Underwood that speaks to the right ingredients for longer lasting roads and the importance of interlayer bonding.

On page 17, Underwood emphasizes the importance of quality interlayer bonding:

One also must think about whether the layers are well bonded. Poorly bonded pavements magnify the forces at the interface and pavements can develop debonding related cracking. Incorrect usage of tack coats, lack of proper cleaning of the interfaces, and construction in less than ideal weather conditions contribute to poor bonding.

Blacklidge’s Technical Director, Grover Allen, expands on why interlayer bonding is critical to long-lasting roads in our Interlayer Bonding Series.

The key to long-lasting asphalt pavements is an excellent bond. At Blacklidge, our goal is to build better roads. With more awareness around best practices and an emphasis on high-quality products, we can achieve this goal.

Thanks Asphalt Pavement Magazine for covering this critical point in this issue. Interested in learning more? Read the full piece here, Back to Basics: Quality Matters.

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